The way to creating a new world together with customers

A gathering of top-notch experts
with the highest technological prowess
working together to create innovative business outcomes
leveraging the expertise and know-how of industry-leading facial recognition AI technology specialists, leads customer business innovation.
has entered the financial/public industries, applying the strictest standards and obtaining official certifications for the accuracy, processing speed, and security-related technical capabilities required for facial recognition technology.

Furthermore, our facial recognition AI solution has continuously improved its performance based on advanced deep learning technology. This progress is achieved through partnerships with our customers.

The Way We Work

A leading AI technology
innovation company for a new world.


Comprised of top-tier professionals in the industry, we have developed our own facial recognition core technology through extensive experience and expertise over the years.


Our technology is perfected through partnerships. We strive to find the optimal solutions in diverse business environments by collaborating with different companies.


We continuously research and develop to enhance our proprietary technology and explore various applications of AI in video analysis through years of dedicated effort in R&D.

What Technology we have for the business

Leading the finance and public industries
with differentiated technological capabilities.

Facial Recognition AI Technology
  • Developed in-house based on advanced deep learning technology
  • Proven technology capabilities in accuracy, processing speed, and security
  • Supports standalone SDK, server systems, and major operating systems
  • Commercialized face recognition technology in the finance and public sectors
Middleware Encryption
  • UFACE server system optimized dedicated middleware
  • Management of bio-information registration/storage/verification processes
  • Support for distributed processing of massive transactions
  • Ensures the highest performance for millions of users
  • Holds the largest references for commercialization in the first financial sector
  • First commercialization of facial recognition in mobile banking in Korea
  • Application of solutions in mobile, counter, ATM, internal access control, etc.
  • Accumulation of optimized know-how through the introduction of technology in large financial institutions
  • Provides customized services tailored to customer business needs
  • Easy and simple adoption for immediate service use
  • Cost savings through simplified maintenance and resource management
  • Continuous and professional management services provided

Our History based on advanced
technology and trust

Growing together with
customers through digital innovation in business


  • Acquired the Facial Recognition Performance and Security Test Certificate from the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association
  • Achieved 100% Facial Recognition Accuracy Certification from KISA
  • Constructed and expanded the mobile identification system for the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation화살표Selected as a supplier for the facial recognition sector of the National Merit Medal Certificate by the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation
  • Providing facial recognition solutions for Hana Bank's non-face-to-face video consultation system
  • Supplying facial recognition services for the online test of recognized English tests by Gyowon GUMON
  • Providing Shinhan Bank with facial recognition technology for mobile banking services


  • Selected as a supplier for the mobile ID project of Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation
  • Signed a contract to supply facial recognition access terminals for SK Innovation's battery factory in Hungary
  • Contracted to supply facial recognition solutions for Shinhan Cambodia Bank's ID verification
  • Provided facial recognition solutions for internal control enhancement and authentication platform construction at Hana Bank
  • Selected as a supplier for facial recognition technology in the innovation branch project of Shinhan Bank
  • Passed the performance evaluation at the Bio Distributed Management Center of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute


  • Establishment of METSAKUUR INC.
  • Signed a facial recognition AI supply contract with Hana Bank (First commercialization in the domestic financial sector)
  • Successfully launched the first online exam monitoring service in Korea for the Kyowon Group
  • Launched facial recognition authentication for Hana Bank's mobile banking service (One Q Bank)
  • Provided facial recognition services for the 'KNN Mathematical Creativity Contest & Elementary English Proficiency Test Online Exam.'
  • Successfully conducted a proof-of-concept (PoC) for facial recognition-based access control and productivity management at SK Construction's Ulsan site
  • Obtained KOLAS International Certification for facial recognition processing speed

Company Information

Headquarters Address 13-14F, KR Building, 141 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Phone 02-6743-0011
CEO Lee Ji Hoon
Headquarters Address 13-14F, KR Building, 141 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Phone 02-6743-0011