Online Test Monitoring Service iJANUS OTM

Supports fast and accurate monitoring of misconduct,
providing a secure online examination service
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Real Time Online Test Monitoring

No worries about Cheating!

By utilizing facial recognition technology-based real-time monitoring, it detects any misconduct by exam takers, ensuring a secure online examination environment

Key Feature
Online Test Monitoring service iJANUS OTM

Implementing fair online exam management technology for customer business

Real-time Monitoring
quipped with misconduct detection features

Provides a stable online exam monitoring environment by detecting exam takers' misconduct in real-time through situational analysis such as seat departure, multiple people detection, concentration level, etc.

Monitoring based on 100% accuracy in facial recognition

Provides a secure exam environment through self-verification of candidates and detection of misconduct using the front camera attached to devices such as mobile phones, PCs, tablets, without the need for additional device installation.

Daily participation of over 50,000 individuals
Largest-scale examination operation in the country

With a daily participation of over 50,000 individuals, simultaneous connections of around 8,000, and a total of over 7 million cases of AI monitoring, we possess the experience and technical expertise for the largest-scale online exam monitoring operation in the country.

Web browser-based SaaS
Quick and easy implementation

Easily and quickly adoptable, allowing for immediate use anytime, anywhere. Simplifying maintenance and resource management can reduce system operating costs.

System Structure Facial Recognition Engine

Create a personalized exam environment for the candidate and proceed with the examination.

Candidate Experience

  • Step 01

    Exam Creation

  • Step 02


  • Step 03

    Exam Participation

  • Step 04

    Exam Completion

What industry applied to

Application of large-scale online exams in various industries.

Corporate Internal Assessment

Employment exams, job performance evaluations, etc.

Public Sector Qualification Exams

Various types of qualification exams

Educational Institution Regular Exams

University, academies, and other educational programs

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