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Facial Recognition AI Solution

Customized Solution for Your Business

UFACE, an AI facial recognition solution with proven technological prowess, supports business digital transformation by quickly applying features tailored to the services customers need

Key Feature Facial Recognition Engine

Implementation of customized
Services for Your Business Environment

Differentiated Technological Capabilities

  • Utilizing 1:1 or 1:N facial recognition technology for identity verification, state analysis, and object recognition functions
  • Boasting outstanding technological capabilities with 100% accuracy, processing speed of 0.06 seconds, and verified safety

Perfect cross-platform

  • Adaptable to a wide range of hardware environments, from high-end workstations to low-spec IoT devices
  • Supports major operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, ensuring compatibility in diverse business environments

Custermized solutions with easy installation

  • Tailor-made services provided, whether it's DK, On-Premise, SaaS, to best suit the customer's business environment
  • Enables smooth customer service operations with rapid and accurate technology adoption during business expansion.

Optimization for large-scale services

  • Equipped with dedicated middleware optimized for services with millions of users, ensuring top performance
  • Manages the registration, storage, and validation processes of bio-information, supporting distributed processing of massive transactions.

System Structure Facial Recognition Engine

Server-based Hybrid and Local-based Edge Devices

System Environment
Facial Recognition Engine

Providing a Centralized Authentication
System and SDK for Applications

  • UFACE Hybride

    • Establishing a centralized authentication system for integrated face recognition services across various customer channels.
    • Achieving rapid 1:N identification with a TP-monitor-based synchronization method (e.g., 1:10 million in 88 microseconds).
    • Provided in On-Premise or API format, suitable for diverse customer channel integration services such as personal identification in financial services and public agencies, as well as large-scale access control and attendance management for personnel.
  • UFACE Standard

    • Operates in a stand-alone environment, performing detection, feature extraction, and comparison authentication solely on the user terminal.
    • Provides SDKs for various types of terminals such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, access control systems, enabling applications on different devices.
    • Embedded facial recognition technology in local devices like smart locks, mobile phones, POS (Point-of-Sale) systems, kiosks, and more.